Watchdog Coalition is an 18+ laid back community for gamers. Watchdog Coalition plays many games, including Heroes of the Storm, Elder Scrolls Online, Archeage, Star Citizen, and New World. There are no Community applications or minimum gameplay requirements. The only thing we request is that you’re 18+, as a lot of us are adults, and won’t restrict our vocabulary to adjust for children.

We're a motley crew that enjoys poking fun, making jokes, and otherwise being sarcastic assholes to one another, but when the chips are on the table, we make getting serious fun. We also pride ourselves on assisting people in our ranks, as long as they contribute when they can as well. We’re looking for more fun folks that can take a joke, and keep on kicking ass amongst a team of their peers.

Govern Yourself Accordingly!


1. Be respectful of one another.
This is hands down the most important rule. We’re all here to play video games, have fun, and work together on common goals. Playful jabs at one another is one thing, intentionally pissing someone off just to spite them is another. Watchdog Coalition lives and dies by its members, and if you’re the one causing a disruption in the fun we’re having, you will be promptly kicked.

2. This is, for all intents and purposes, a mature group. Act accordingly.
We do not require an age limit on recruitment. However, a majority of Watchdog Coalition tend to be in their mid-late twenties and older. We have mature conversations, we talk about kicking eachothers asses, we make jokes about sex and sexuality, we occasionally piss eachother off, and promptly get over it. If this isn’t something you can handle, you might want to reconsider joining us.

3. Mature does not mean racist.
We may be an older crew of video gamers, but we don’t take racism, sexism, violence against others, or extremely illegal acts lightly. Anyone caught using racist slurs, sexist language, or talking about actually murdering another member will be promptly dealt with, and it usually involves being shown the door.

4. No general douchebaggery involving other guilds / players
We like to be seen as a friendly, respectable community. Even to our enemies. If we’re invited to a voice, or text channel somewhere else, no spamming of text, no soundboards in voice. We will be respectful if at all possible, because everyone is here to play video games. This isn’t real life politics. We’re just playing video games. This rule also covers griefing. Watchdogs aren’t griefers. If you’ve killed someone, congratulations, you won the fight. There’s no reason to camp their body, their landing zone, their whatever and continue to kill them. We’re not griefers.

5. Follow specific game rules.
These are just blanket rules to follow across all games, however many games will require specific rules (No piracy, no thievery, etc) in order to maintain our respectable guild outlook. Please see game specific sections for rules.

6. No exploiting
We’re not cheaters. We don’t dupe. We don’t exploit game breaking bugs for advantages. If we’re going to win fights, take claims, and make our name known, it won’t be for cheating. We expect all members to follow this rule.

7. NSFW Content
As an adult group, NSFW content will occasionally crop up. It’s natural, in the eb and flo of conversation. Posting of NSFW content is allowed, but not encouraged. If NSFW content is posted, it should be to the most limited dissemination as possible. In Discord, this is our #Garbage-Can-NSFW channel. In games, it should not be posted publically, but only in channels where it’s allowed according to the terms of service for the video game, and out of the eyes of children under the age of 18.

Any questions, comments, or concerns about the rules can be directly sent to any of the officers, moderators, or council members.

Question & Answers

What is the Watchdog Coalition?
Watchdog Coalition (frequently referred to as WDC) is a group of friends and gamers who play games ranging from MMOs to tabletop games and everything in between. We focus mainly on PC games, but occasionally have dipped into the realm of consoles. We’re a tight-knit family who loves having fun together.
Is Discord required?
Discord is required to be downloaded and to have our channel added. Talking isn’t required, however, we announce most of our big-ticket items in specific games on discord. During wide-scale PVP events, being in a voice channel will be required, but again, you won’t be required to talk.
How was the Watchdog Coalition formed?
What started as an organization for Star Citizen, started by 3 real-life friends quickly expanded. After time, realizing that Star Citizen would take much longer to develop, we expanded into other games. Specifically MMOs. We launched our biggest recruitment effort in Archeage, and from there expanded into other MMOs, such as FFXIV, ESO, and New World.
What kind of games do you guys play?
Mainly MMOs, but we’ve been known to reach into other games, such as tabletop simulator, For Honor, heroes of the storm, and several co-op games such as Human Falls Flat, or Stellaris. Basically any game we can play together, we try to do so.
Which MMORPGs have your community members played?
In the short term, we are active in ESO and preparing to set foot into New World, Amazon Studio’s newest MMO set to launch in May of 2020. Long term, we still have our eyes set for the stars, specifically Star Citizen.

Our list of previous MMOs include:
World of Warcraft, both retail and classic
Archeage, both retail and Unchained
Do you plan to add more games in the future?
Absolutely! We plan on playing a plethora of games in the future. Chances are if you play it, someone else does as well.
How do I become a member?
The easiest way is to join our Discord, and let us know you found us through the website in the #new-members channel. Let us know what games you’re interested in playing, and we’ll set you up to be a regular member!


Watchdog Coalition is a multi gaming group that has a rich history, friendly members both past and present, and plenty of fun to share.

The founding members who had played multiple other games with each other, but had since lost touch, contacted each other about a new and upcoming game. “Star Citizen” was the current hype (and a full course of negative press). The founding members decided they would be some of the first to step foot in Star Citizen’s universe, and start their own guild. This was the founding of what would eventually be called Watchdog Coalition.

What started as “S.H.E.P.H.E.R.D”, a mercenary company for Star Citizen, quickly grew and our plans for Star Citizen grew with them. Eventually we had ideas for branches, officers, rewards, etc. However, this all came to a screeching halt when alpha patch 3.0 got delayed by almost a year.

S.H.E.P.H.E.R.D. started expanding into other ventures, including starting a stream team, and reaching out into other online and multiplayer games. Several of the members brought up the idea of rebranding the entire guild, as we would not longer be exclusively Star Citizen.

After much deliberation, the name Watchdog Coalition was agreed upon. A logo was promptly made, and remained our logo for over 2 years. In any game we could, we would show off our guild pride by plastering this logo anywhere and everywhere.

From here, the decision was made to become a full bore multi-gaming community. We expanded from our original Star Citizen only roles, allowing anyone to become officers, veterans, and watchdogs regardless of their ranks in SC. This is when we began playing the majority of the games we play today, such as For Honor, Heroes of the Storm, Final Fantasy 14, etc.

In 2019, Archeage Unchained was released, and this was the first MMO the Watchdogs would be there for at the very beginning. Planning and hype began formulating before release, and on release day the Watchdogs stormed into Archeage, recruiting, and making our mark as fast as we could. Unfortunately, as we came to realize, the term “Watchdog” was banned in Archeage (Korean MMOs… SMH) so we had to run around with the simpler name “The Coalition”

We recruited several people, and the idea started formulating that we needed a new logo. Something that could be seen across multiple games and always lead back to us. Now that we had grown extensively, thanks to Archeage, we could have a member in-house (Meera) make us our very own logo.

The purpose of this new logo was to unite all video games we played under one logo, regardless of whether or not we could be called Watchdog Coalition or not.

Both logos are used extensively, from the website, missives, and general day-to-day guild business.

This brings us to today, where we play most online video games, and carry the name Watchdog Coalition with us. From survival games like Atlas, and Last Oasis, to MMOs such as ESO, FFXIV, and Star Citizen. We’ve come a long way from our original shepherd days, and don’t plan on stopping any time soon! Come join us as we make our next move in up-and-coming MMOs.