Are you a merc with an attitude? Love killing vanduul hordes, with a rifle in one hand, and a whiskey in the other? Or do you simply just want to be a part of something bigger than just yourself?

We’re always recruiting for Star Citizen where we intend to be a mercenary company, being hired by other guilds to take out contracts, whether that means hauling cargo from one base to another, working as crewmen on bigger ships, taking down an enemy ship, or assassinating a high value target (lawfully… of course..). We’ll use the funds from contracts to sponsor our own in-guild events and logistical runs, and have fun while we’re doing it!

So whether you’re a ship captain, a medic, a ground pounder, a cargo runner, or anything in between, we’re looking for you!

Join us on Discord, in game, or through our Star Citizen specific site here:
Get Involved!

Guild Structure:
In Star Citizen we will be implementing the full role structure to organize guild wide events. This will be expanded on more as the game comes closer to release.

Govern Yourself Accordingly!


  • 1) Don't be an idiot. - Use common sense.

  • 2) This is a mature group. - Most of us are adults with adult lives. Expect mature conversation, and act maturely. Mature doesn't mean jokes about racism, violence, illegal acts or any other type of hate speech.

  • 3) Be respectful of one another. - Group drama litterally does nothing but make the leadership grow gray hairs.

  • 4) Don't spam. - Kappa is funny the first time. Not the five hundreth time.

  • 5) Regarding NSFW. - This is allowed, however not encouraged. If you're at work, browse the discord at your own discretion.. Any NSFW content must be posted in #garbage-can-nsfw . Any NSFW content outside that channel will be immediately deleted.

Star Citizen Specific Rules:

  • 1) No Griefing - Watchdog Coalition intends to be a trusted mercenary company in Star Citizen. Griefing people doesn’t give our name a positive connotation

  • 2) No non-sanctioned piracy actions - Unless a guild is marked as a KOS / Always hostile group, WDC will stay away from piracy actions to maintain our positive reputation and continue getting contracts from other guilds.

Question & Answers

What is the Watchdog Coalition?
Watchdog Coalition (frequently referred to as WDC) is a group of friends and gamers who play games ranging from MMOs to tabletop games and everything in between. We focus mainly on PC games, but occasionally have dipped into the realm of consoles. We’re a tight-knit family who loves having fun together.
Is Discord required?
Discord is required to be downloaded and to have our channel added. Talking isn’t required, however, we announce most of our big-ticket items in specific games on discord. During wide-scale PVP events, being in a voice channel will be required, but again, you won’t be required to talk.
How was the Watchdog Coalition formed?
What started as an organization for Star Citizen, started by 3 real-life friends quickly expanded. After time, realizing that Star Citizen would take much longer to develop, we expanded into other games. Specifically MMOs. We launched our biggest recruitment effort in Archeage, and from there expanded into other MMOs, such as FFXIV, ESO, and New World.
What kind of games do you guys play?
Mainly MMOs, but we’ve been known to reach into other games, such as tabletop simulator, For Honor, heroes of the storm, and several co-op games such as Human Falls Flat, or Stellaris. Basically any game we can play together, we try to do so.
Which MMORPGs have your community members played?
In the short term, we are active in ESO and preparing to set foot into New World, Amazon Studio’s newest MMO set to launch in May of 2020. Long term, we still have our eyes set for the stars, specifically Star Citizen.

Our list of previous MMOs include:
World of Warcraft, both retail and classic
Archeage, both retail and Unchained
Do you plan to add more games in the future?
Absolutely! We plan on playing a plethora of games in the future. Chances are if you play it, someone else does as well.
How do I become a member?
The easiest way is to join our Discord, and let us know you found us through the website in the #new-members channel. Let us know what games you’re interested in playing, and we’ll set you up to be a regular member!