Cult of Elune

All Druid Guild

Cult of Elune is an ALL DRUID Alliance guild on the U.S. Stormrage server and Druid Horde guild on the U.S. Area 52 server.

Who We Are?

You know, that's a solid question. We're a group of nerds that play Black Desert Online together and surprisingly enjoy our time with each other. We try not to take BDO too seriously, for us it improves the fun we have and our progression.

Your Life

Real life comes first, it's what pays that internet bill you somehow forget exist every month. If you're only on an hour a day, that's cool with us, we understand the limitations. Our official rule states that you can have 7 days of unannounced inactivity, but once we get to know you, we'll probably give you more in the hopes that you return.

Active Community

Our, er, 'unique' characteristics somehow seem to attract really cool people. Most of our members are regulars ranging from an hour a day, to all day every day. You can always count on an active community with friendly people.

Awarding Members

Hah, you wish… well I mean, we do pay you. Everyone in the guild is paid the same, currently 2.000.000+ for everyone, naturally only increased as the game allows.

Exceptional Events

We strive to provide group events/activities whenever and as often as possible. The type of events can vary drastically, too many to list here. On top of that, we're always open to suggestions.

Oooh Aaah

Our GMs went to marketing school, so to commemorate their waste of life we've put together a little section of marketing wank. While tickling them in all the right places, it also gets across a little bit of what we stand for, but it's cool if you just scroll past it to look at the fancy parallax.


Our ultimate goal is to have fun with Black Desert Online. We believe MMOs should be played together with our mission set on all areas of BDO while kicking ass at it.


Our long-term goals are to get into node wars, continuing our progression into whale/monster hunting. As well as collectively progressing.


We value fun, friendship, humour, activities, helpfulness. We don't bully or grief. Fights will and do happen, but we take it in stride and have fun with it.

the Dandelions Guild

What we are About
We're the Dandelions, a social and relatively casual NA guild. Our goal is to have as much fun as possible without being asshats. Do you enjoy goofing off in chat, creating war elephant parades or punching grass beetles while you wait for a world boss to spawn? If so, keep reading! Our vibe can be NSFW, but we're a friendly bunch that likes goofing around.

  • We're PvX meaning PVE & PVP (you do what you like, you play what you like)
  • Friendly Social Atmosphere
  • Organized Involved Leadership
  • Active Playerbase
  • Grind Groups
  • PvP Practice & more...

At least once a week we slap our boss scrolls together and go hunting. Save em up for that sweet loot. The same goes for relics and pila fe. Want company while you grind to level 60 or even a new character? Say no more.
Nervous about a new area or clueless as to where the nodes are? Our guild offers premium tours. Two seater rides available after a dance is performed as payment.

  • +2 Accuracy, +2 AP, +2 Gathering, +1 Fishing, +100 HP, +4 Damage Reduction
  • Guild Elephant
  • Guild Galley
  • Guild Scrolls
  • Guild Relic Parties
  • 2,000,000+ daily pay possible for ANYONE

Want something more than 1v1 arena practice? Currently, we are in a partnership with Fjord for mock Guild vs Guild fights. This means you get as much PvP experience as you'd like without the otherwise inevitable rage. Both guilds have a non-PVP "safe server". We are working towards special events such as "Hunting the GM" or dirty races. Suggestions welcome! Small-scale Node Wars are also on the horizon!

Low level and under geared? We don't care. We're here to help. Be active be awesome. Whether that's solely in-game or if you'd like to join our Discord and mess around in there as well.

We Are Gamers
We Are Not So Mature Adults
We All Have A Voice

— A better gaming community —

Black Desert Online

About the game.

Black Desert Online is a sandbox, living-world MMORPG. Experience fast-paced, action-packed combat, hunt monsters and huge bosses, fight with friends in a guild to siege nodes and region castles, train your life skills such as fishing, trading, crafting, cooking, and much more! BDO is by Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss. It was released in Korea in 2014, Japan and Russia in 2015, North America and Europe in 2016 and South America in 2017.

The combat in Black Desert Online is action based, requiring manual aiming similar to those found in third-person shooters. Skills can be activated through use of combos for attacking, dodging or blocking. The game offers housing, fishing, farming, and trading, as well as large player versus player (PvP) siege, and castle battles.


Quick Process No Interviews

The process of joining our community is a simple one with no interviews required.
While our age requirement is 17+ we do allow younger members to join as long as they are able to act maturish.


Join our chat for shenanigans during day or voice comms if gaming on the PC.